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Montech METAL DT24 PREMIUM, Ultimate Cooling Ability, Functions Quietly, Six Heat pipes and Dual Tower Design, Advanced Engineering

Montech METAL DT24 PREMIUM, Ultimate Cooling Ability, Functions Quietly, Six Heat pipes and Dual Tower Design, Advanced Engineering

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Premium configuration for performance and Silence

2 high-performance METAL 120 PWM fans
Functions quietly. With only 30dB(A) at maximum fan speed
The heat produced by high-powered 12th Gen Intel processor can be dissipated
Classic and stylish looking
ARGB aluminum top cover
All black coating
6 high-efficiency copper heat pipes
Installing RAM without CPU interference
270W TDP
Easy to install. Comes with brackets for the latest 1700 and AM5 models

Ultimate Cooling Ability

This cooler is configured with 2 METAL 120 PWM fans, whose 6-pole motor and maximum static pressure fan blade design boost the ability of air flow, which flows through the heat sink.

This optimal heat dissipation surface area and TDP of 270W allow for the cooling of the hottest CPU to be easier and more efficient.

Functions Quietly

The noise level can be under 30dB(A) even at maximum fan speed thanks to the high density 104 layered heatsink fins, optimized space between the cooling fins, and the noise reduction feature.

The fan speed can be controlled by PWM mode to achieve a quieter performance.

Six Heat pipes and Dual Tower Design

Compared to single towers, Dual Tower coolers offer even larger heat dissipation surface area. The METAL DT24 Premium utilizes six advanced 6mm copper heat pipes and combines them with a specialized fin design for better heat transfer capacity. The dual fan system also delivers increased airflow for the maximum in cooling efficiency.

Advanced Engineering

The METAL DT24 has an extra large combined heat dissipation surface area of 8553.23cm². This makes it extra efficient in spreading CPU heat to a large extended surface and even more efficiently cooled through the max airflow from it’s dual fan system.

Maximum Robust Airflow

Within the two METAL 120 PWM fans core is a 6 pole motor, packed inside a strengthened metal axial hub, along with it’s HDB bearing and double dynamic balance correction process creates a fan that’s high performance, long lifetime and low noise all in one.

Perfect Compatibility with Memory

METAL DT24 Prmium perfectly works with most RAM on the market, and it will not block tall RAM thanks to the intricate cut on the cooling fin.

ARGB Aluminum Top Cover

The top cover is made by the advanced CNC manufacturing and properly anodized, which strengthens the aluminum surface to give you an even smoother hand feel. This shows off the quality of aluminum to the fullest.

With ARGB lighting on the perimeter of the METAL DT24, our premium and stylish design brings to the user a unique experience.

User-Friendly Installation

To prevent loose and broken plastic brackets, our company uses all metal brackets.

The bracket has undergone relentless tests by the MONTECH PRODUCT TEAM to build the easiest and safest CPU cooler bracket.

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