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G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 BLACK/WHITE RAM CL36 7800MT/s 32GB(2x16GB) 1.45V, Dual Channel Kit, Intel XMP 3.0 Ready

G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 BLACK/WHITE RAM CL36 7800MT/s 32GB(2x16GB) 1.45V, Dual Channel Kit, Intel XMP 3.0 Ready

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G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-7800 CL36-46-46-125 1.45V 32GB(2x16GB) Intel XMP

Trident Z5 RGB series DDR5 memory is designed for ultra-high performance on DDR5 platforms. Featuring a sleek and streamlined aluminum heatspreader design, available in metallic silver, matte black, or matte white, the Trident Z5 RGB series DDR5 DRAM memory is the ideal choice to build a high-performance system.

  • Blazing Fast DDR5 Performance: Ushering in a new era of memory performance with ultra-fast data transfer speeds, the Trident Z5 RGB is engineered to high performance and quality standards. Each Trident Z5 RGB memory module is created from hand-screened DDR5 DRAM ICs to achieve high memory performance on DDR5 platforms.
  • Extreme Memory Performance with Intel Platform: G.SKILL is dedicated to develop performance overclocked memory kits. Developed and optimized on the Intel platform, Trident Z5 RGB taps into the speed potential of DDR5 to bring a whole new level of performance to worldwide overclockers and PC enthusiasts.
  • Premium Dual-Texture Heatspreader Design: The Trident Z5 family incorporates hypercar design elements into the iconic Trident heatspreader, creating a sleek and futuristic look. Featuring a black brushed-aluminum strip inset into a metallic silver, matte black, or matte white body, and topped with a translucent RGB light bar optimized for smooth lighting, the Trident Z5 RGB is ideal for a wide variety of PC build themes.
  • Streamlined RGB Light Bar: Designed with a streamlined light bar, the Trident Z5 RGB looks sleeker than ever. Featuring customizable RGB lighting through the G.SKILL lighting control software or supported third party motherboard software, personalizing the colors and lighting effects of the Trident Z5 RGB is a breeze.
  • Engineered for Exceptional DDR5 Experience: Each and every Trident Z5 RGB memory kit is tested under G.SKILL's rigorous validation process to ensure outstanding quality.


Memory Type: DDR5

Capacity: 32GB (16GBx2)

Multi-Channel Kit: Dual Channel Kit

Tested Speed (XMP/EXPO): 7800 MT/s

Tested Latency (XMP/EXPO): 36-46-46-125

Tested Voltage (XMP/EXPO): 1.45V

Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered

Error Checking (ECC): Non-ECC

SPD Speed (Default): 4800 MT/s

SPD Voltage (Default): 1.10V

Fan Included: No

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Features: Intel XMP 3.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready

Additional Notes:

  • Do not mix memory kits. Memory kits are sold in matched kits that are designed to run together as a set. Mixing memory kits will result in stability issues or system failure.
  • Memory kits that are "Intel XMP 3.0 Ready" only includes XMP, and memory kits that are "AMD EXPO Profile Ready" only includes EXPO.
  • Prior to enabling XMP or EXPO, memory kits will boot at default BIOS settings with compatible hardware.
  • For memory kits with XMP or EXPO, enable XMP/EXPO/DOCP/A-XMP profile in BIOS to reach the rated potential XMP or EXPO overclock speed of the memory kit, subject to the use of compatible hardware. Please refer to the "How to Enable XMP/EXPO" guide.
  • Reaching the rated XMP/EXPO overclock speed and system stability will depend on the compatibility and capability of the motherboard and CPU used.
  • Usage in any manner inconsistent with manufacturer specifications, warnings, designs, or recommendations will result in lower speeds, system instability, or damage to the system or its components.
  • Memory module height can be found in the FAQ, under the question "How tall are the memory modules?".
  • For product support and related questions, please contact the G.SKILL technical support team via email.

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